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Problem 23121
5x5 Endgames, Handicap Game

WARNING: 1 'till 4 are handicap. The Japanese word "Tekagen" means "showing inferior move to let the weaker players feel at ease". I played this game as Black. Some of my problems are "Tekagen" included so not to brand my level when you watch my problems. at least, for some reason, I want to hide my level and I ain't a beginner. I know that the Chinese player Yaoye Chen who is stronger than most of Japanese people. If you feel my winning is weird, at least some of Japanese go is busted or I didn't find good players in my country. Somehow, I want to play with American's but I must sleep while they are active. I'm young. I want to live my life long as I can do, should prepare for my future there's no time to study so much to be 9 dan it's huge. PLEASE DON'T THINK I'M FREE. THERE ARE MANY PERSONAL THINGS FOR ME TO DO NOW. I gratitude you if you understand the above things.

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