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Combinatorial game theory is, among other things, about how to get the last point. Sometimes these problems can be solved by standard endgame theory, sometimes not. CGT is described on Sensei's Library.

15941 endgame Clydevil
9961 endgame trucid
7751 endgame Bill Spight
7699 endgame Bill Spight
7686 endgame Bill Spight
7113 endgame Trucid
6922 endgame Trucid
6913 endgame Trucid
6550 endgame Trucid
6544 endgame Trucid
6541 endgame Trucid
6539 endgame Trucid
6536 endgame Trucid
5622 endgame wtd
3104 endgame wtd


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