WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2015-01-08 08:00:22mountain rootWell Constructed
2016-06-14 12:12:07ThumbWell Constructed
2016-08-22 08:51:13Eye4EyeWell Constructed
2017-03-12 19:50:03MatrokWell Constructed
2017-06-03 20:31:05BobTheJoeNeeds FixingWhite is dead after the first move, black doesn't need to respond after that.
2017-07-23 12:45:55gojerryNeeds FixingCorrect solution marked "off path"
2018-11-21 08:17:52Abcf3Needs Fixingwhite or black to move?
2019-05-18 07:08:34mtanzerNeeds Fixingblack can tenuki after W C18
2019-09-22 20:43:05StarlineNeeds FixingWhite is already dead after A18 C18.
2019-11-14 06:36:17rastafariNeeds Fixingexplain that b is supposed to tenuki after w c18 even if you want to show the whole variation
2020-03-21 15:41:04insertwitNeeds FixingJust like BobTheJoe says, B can tenuki after making the bent four shape
2021-10-19 14:32:24highflyerNeeds Fixingsequence too long