WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-01-16 18:17:06ShorekWell Constructed
2009-02-01 18:22:05GoJohnGoNeeds Fixing
2010-04-21 03:59:33isavrNeeds FixingABCD doesnt work
2010-06-27 05:09:36thelettuceNeeds Fixingdirections unclear and program stops after W-q3
2012-01-27 01:23:55ΤdWell Constructed
2013-09-09 11:21:51BannertNeeds FixingBCD doesnt work
2014-05-29 21:13:55benebeneNeeds Fixingt4 for s3 good posible
2015-07-14 18:55:46StochastyNeeds Fixingr3 r4 s4 s5 s2 t4 s3 line needs to be added
2015-07-23 14:03:25kevinwmNeeds FixingNeeds clarification
2016-12-15 04:37:42neptixNeeds FixingOverly restrictive of valid moves
2018-02-02 00:08:01PJTraillNeeds FixingA lot of Black lines are not refuted.
2018-04-04 10:44:20Fuko_IbukiNeeds FixingToo simple
2018-05-18 19:45:37DangerMouseInvalidlack of proper solution and moves.
2018-07-19 17:48:49MunegWell Constructed
2018-11-08 06:45:40domqInvalidThere is so many lines of analysis missing from this problem, some of them rabbit holes of fighting, that it's hard to imagine how it could ever be made a top-quality problem here on goproblems.com