WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2010-03-05 09:37:00SeerRusWell Constructed
2012-05-08 16:54:35stornWell Constructed
2013-09-09 05:11:03superrichiWell Constructed
2014-05-26 18:53:32unisonNeeds FixingThere's many ways for the white group to live after placing the one at F6
2014-08-23 23:24:25Flagellator1974Well Constructed
2014-10-02 16:06:24eurikanoWell Constructed
2015-09-28 15:20:26NicholasLyonNeeds FixingWhite can leave
2016-01-29 01:01:15TrombaMarinaNeeds FixingThis is a little complicated for 25 kyu.
2017-03-01 18:29:38gregdeonWell Constructed