WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2013-04-20 09:00:24chilin49Needs Fixingnot agree
2013-07-07 17:09:52BobTheJoeWell Constructed
2013-07-13 01:15:40hyogaproutNeeds Fixingno explanation
2013-10-23 12:45:28lurrchWell Constructed
2014-04-27 12:58:45nimbimNeeds Fixingno explanation at all
2015-10-28 11:03:16kk7727Needs Fixingundefined
2017-05-19 18:20:18Epiphany123Needs FixingIt is not clear that this is the best move. Depends on style
2017-11-13 03:43:55DangerMouseNeeds FixingSubjective.
2017-11-19 01:01:24Onishi TNeeds Fixingundefined
2018-11-29 11:40:36hippophileInvalidThere are several good moves. O3, R3. R10 is playable, too.
2019-08-07 16:48:36morvan01Invalid
2019-11-19 23:28:23DaniblitzInvalidgives wrong answer, really a bad problem in this age
2020-01-19 19:15:00Lyde02Needs Fixingbiggest side is bottom. also AI disagrees badly
2020-05-08 14:51:30laocoonInvalidbullshit!
2020-06-01 14:04:25Euclidean3Needs Fixingno explanation